The Chase - Life on the Road

Stage 13 - Muret to Rodez

Last night was a late finish and tonight is looking the same way even though I had the opportunity to finish early however, I had to make a visit to Movistar after the stage had finished. One of the difficulties once you get into more remote parts of France is that the team hotels are scattered all over.  Trying to find yourself a hotel to spend a night proved even more difficult. Tonight I am staying in a few small village called Grand-Verbe. Even at 11.20pm at night, the village is void of any life with the exception of the small group of people sitting outside my hotel including myself.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the hotel owners are Dutch and they were tempted to prank me by not speaking any English at all and see how long I would last till I was exasperated. It has been a long day in the heat and it would not have taken much for me to become exasperated. 

It certainly has been a long day and the only other exciting thing to happen was bearing witness to the commotions that ensued between Manual for Speed (MSF) and a photographer for blocking MFS’s car as they wanted to leave. It was a word slinging contest that captivated everyone who was in their vicinity. I was enjoying the show and secretly wanted to see turn into a live Jerry Springer show.

Anyways, I have to wait till tomorrow morning when I drive back to Rodez and get this uploaded as there is very limited WiF and only GSM connection.