The Chase - Life on the Road

Stage 4 - Seraing to Cambrai

It was all about the Pave on stage 4 which brought back memories of the 2012 Paris Roubaix race when I had all my issues. Generally, it's hard covering races that hit the Pave as the roads are very narrow and alot of dust gets kicked up which means focusing can be hard too.As well as visiting Namur which I had visited during the 2012 Tour when it had started in Liege. The higher you go up Liege, the better the perspectives from the citadelle.

It was a straight forward drive from Namur to the second last sector, sector 2, of the race but the drive was long and I kept thinking it was better to stop somewhere enroute and shoot, however if it becomes risky deviating from your plan at the last minute. So onwards to sector 2 to which I had entered via sector 5. I was surprised I was let through normally the French police can be rather harsh and prevent you from gaining access to the race course.

Driving on the pave was slow as I was terrified the car would fall apart, as the car was vibrating alot. Worst place to have a break down in the middle of the pave with no where to push the car to.

The race had been fractured into smaller groups and one can imagine the pain both Greg Henderson and Adam Hansen would have been enduring. Adam Hansen - "I eat pain for breakfast"